Consultation services are provided to Aunt Zelda’s members by Calla Spring Wellness. You can speak with Dr. Harry McIlroy or Nurse Shawna Ellsworth over phone or Skype by signing up for a consultation. The fee is $300 for Dr. Harry or $200 for Nurse Shawna. The consultation lasts for one hour and you can follow up for free with the doctor or nurse over email. Below are specific instructions on how to schedule.

Full Consultation Includes:

  • Individualized Dosing Instructions Calculated to mg
  • Maximized Cannabinoid Efficacy
  • Medical Record Review
  • Diet and Supplement Review and Recommendations
  • Drug Review and Interaction Prevention
  • Recommendations for Cannabinoid Treatment of Chemo and Radiation Side Effects
  • Recommendations for Reduction of High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy Side Effects
  • Access to Member Only Dashboard and Tools

1. Sign up at On the first page, select you are interested in “Consultation Only.” This will enable you to skip the second page where you would normally upload a California 215 Recommendation and United States ID. The third page includes some brief health questions, and after answering you can submit the form.

2. You will receive an email with a username and password link so you can log into and complete the health information under the “My Health” tab. As soon as you have completed as much of this as possible, contact to state your preference for Dr. Harry McIlroy or Nurse Shawna Ellsworth. For Dr. Harry, you will receive a scheduling link where you can pay $325 via credit card and schedule. For Nurse Shawna, you will receive a scheduling link where you can pay $200 via credit card and schedule. The doctor or nurse will reach out to you at the scheduled time and provide comprehensive notes within a few days of the consultation’s completion.

All consultations include follow-up care via email