Aunt Zelda’s™ medicines are manufactured by The Oil Plant, a California licensed manufacturer of cannabis products. We supply patients with contaminant-free, high-quality THC and CBD-rich medicines to enable safe, accurate, and reliable dosing.

We specialize in strain-specific, full-spectrum medicines with high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds. Our whole-plant extracts are produced using organic ethanol and our infused oils feature organic olive oil. You can see a list of where to pick up or order medicines in California on this page.

Natural products precisely measured for quality & consistency.

Aunt Zelda’s™ has refined a specialized extraction and dosing method that results in consistency, predictability and puts control back into patients’ lives. We infuse only top-shelf cannabis flowers into our oils.

Our team is constantly researching the effects of different cannabis profiles on specific conditions, and use this information to provide the best medical cannabis solution for our patients.

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Tested every step of the way.

We test all our products for Cannabinoid Potency, Terpene Profile, Residual Solvent, Mold-Pathogen, Mycotoxins, and Pesticides.

  • Flowers, infused oil, and extract are independently batch tested.
  • Each individual product is labeled with an in-depth cannabinoid profile.
  • Adhering to this level of quality is the only way to ensure maximum healing for patients.

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