Aunt Zelda’s Medicines

Aunt Zelda’s™ medicines are manufactured in California. We supply patients with contaminant-free, high-quality THC and CBD-rich medicines to enable safe, accurate, and reliable dosing.

We specialize in strain-specific, whole flower medicines with high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds. Our whole-plant extracts are produced using organic ethanol, and our infused oils feature organic olive oil. You can see a list of where to pick up or order medicines in California on this page.


Aunt Zelda’s extracts are made using premium cannabis with organic ethanol as the solvent. The extracts are gently processed to remove the ethanol while decarboxylating the cannabinoids and preserving the terpenes. THC-rich and CBD-rich versions available.

Primary Benefits

  • Cannabinoids already decarboxylated/activated (no heat required, can be ingested directly)
  • High level of terpenes
  • Convenient to consume high doses of cannabinoids if needed for serious conditions
  • If vaporized, flavor and effect is often superior to CO2/butane extracts due to richer profile
  •  Over a decade of continued use in the California marketplace


Aunt Zelda’s infused olive oils are prepared by soaking premium cannabis in organic olive oil. The olive oil is carefully heated to decarboxylate the cannabinoids while preserving terpenes, and the cannabis is strained out to leave a pure infused oil. THC-rich and CBD-rich versions available, as well as Daytime/Nighttime THC to help with energy or sleep.

Primary Benefits

  • Cannabinoid levels are standardized (Regular Strength is 10mg/mL, Extra Strength is 30mg/mL)
  • High level of terpenes
  • Graduated dropper facilitates precise dosing down to the milligram


Aunt Zelda’s topical is made with premium cannabis, organic coconut oil, organic cosmetic-grade beeswax, organic arnica, and ten organic essential oils including – lavender, lavender spike, myrhh, frankincense, bergamot, cinnamon, rosemary, rosemary cineole, sage, and lemongrass.

Primary Benefits

  • 5mg/g THC potency
  • Terpenes and other compounds in essential oils synergize with cannabinoids to improve effects
  • Pleasant, subtle and complex aromas with no overpowering scents
  • Small amounts can often be substantially effective and allow topical to last longer