We produce full-strength cannabis extracts, cannabis-infused olive oils, and cannabis-infused coconut topicals. The extracts are dispensed through oral syringes and are intended for patients requiring very high doses. The olive oils are dispensed through a glass dropper bottle with a gradated dropper. The cannabis-infused coconut topicals come in small metal jars and are intended for topical use only.
Our full-strength cannabis extracts are generally between 55-80% (550-800mg/g) total cannabinoids. Most extracts also contain between .5-1.5% terpenes. Our infused cannabis olive oils are between 1-3% (10-30mg/mL) total cannabinoids. To achieve the 30mg/mL potency, we directly infuse THC-rich kief or add extract to our standard CBD infusions. The cannabis-infused coconut topicals are standardized to 5mg/g. The topicals also include 10 added essential oils to provide constituents which enhance effectiveness, including penetration through the skin. The proportion of THC to CBD, and vice versa, is 20:1 – 25:1 in most medicines we produce.
Every batch of medicine we produce is lab-tested to identify cannabinoid and terpene levels as well as confirm absence of contaminants like pesticides and bacteria. Every product features a label showing dominant cannabinoids. Full lab results are available on our website.
While cannabis itself cannot be formally certified as organic, we contract with growers who do not use pesticides, herbicides, or other inorganic chemicals during the growing process. We also lab-test flower to ensure an absence of molds, mildews, and pesticides. For extracts, we use certified organic ethanol as the solvent. This solvent is evaporated out during the manufacturing process, leaving only pure cannabis extract behind. For infusions, we use certified organic olive oil. For topicals, we use certified organic coconut oil and either certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils.
Aunt Zelda's medicines are currently available through several dispensaries and delivery services in northern California. Complete information is available at the top of our home page.
There is no fee for joining Aunt Zelda's. However, we work with medical professionals at Calla Spring Wellness who provide comprehensive dosing advice over phone or Skype for a fee, $300 for a physician or $200 for a nurse. For patients new to medical cannabis or dealing with serious illnesses, this consultation provides an actionable plan.
For the highest quality advice on products, the consultation above is most useful. Otherwise, most patients find benefit in getting two products, one THC-rich and one CBD-rich, starting with low doses of each, and slowly increasing. For patients who are new to cannabis or require low doses, our regular strength (10mg/mL) infused olive oils are most suitable. Those who require high doses are more likely to benefit from the extra strength (30mg/mL) infused olive oils or full-strength extracts.
Terpenes are a class of aromatic compounds produced by cannabis. Unlike cannabinoids, which are only found in cannabis, terpenes are found in thousands of other plants. Most of what you smell from flowers or as well as many plant foods are terpenes. For example, a terpene called limonene is found in lemons and can stimulate energy, and the primary terpene in lavender, linalool, has a calming effect.
We use only the highest-quality and purest ingredients in the production of our medicines. We use certified organic ethanol as the solvent for extracts and certified organic olive oil for infusions. All cannabis is grown without pesticides and lab-tested to confirm absence of toxic contaminants like bacterial toxins and heavy metals. The medicine is produced using a proprietary process that decarboxylates the cannabinoids while preserving the terpenes. Many other products on the market are overheated and thus suffer loss of terpenes.
In the raw cannabis plant, the cannabinoids are found in their acidic forms – THC acid (THCA) and CBD acid (CBDA). Heat is required to transform these acidic cannabinoids into their neutral counterparts, THC and CBD, a process known as decarboxylation. However, heat also results in terpene loss. Through extensive experimentation, we have found a way to decarboxylate the cannabinoids while preserving terpenes.
Our infused olive oil and topical cannot be smoked or vaporized in any manner. The extract can be ingested, smoked, or vaporized, and the higher level of terpenes compared to CO2 or butane-derived oils can result in a more flavorful and effective experience.
Aunt Zelda's was launched in 2010 and has steadily grown ever since.


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