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If you prefer to obtain lab tested products created for specific ailments, Aunt Zelda’s will help you get there!

Aunt Zelda’s mission is to alleviate patient suffering through medical cannabis.  We help you, our patients, live fulfilling, healthy lives.

We provide unmatched expertise in the correct use of medical cannabis matched to disease-specific products with the highest purity in California.

Our goal is to create a positive and supportive community for medical cannabis users. We aspire to be your trusted source of cannabis resources and its safe, effective and responsible use.

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Higher Standards of Products

Aunt Zelda’s is a pioneering, data-driven developer of cannabis-based plant medicines. Our products are the result of years of research and development by founders, Mara Gordon and Stewart Smith, in consultation with knowledgeable physicians and world-renowned researchers.

Utilizing proven time-tested extraction processes improved with modern technology, Aunt Zelda’s offers medicines of precisely measured potency and purity that empower patients to dose to the milligram and unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

The Aunt Zelda’s Team

Every single person on the Aunt Zelda’s team deeply understands and appreciates the power of cannabis extract medicine to change the world. We will never give up to achieve this goal.

We hope to work with as many other people as possible along this journey, and believe in our hearts that the entire medical cannabis movement is necessary to create the revolutionary change that lies ahead.


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